Lead nitrate - Application in the mining industry

September 25, 2020

Although lead nitrate is widely used in a variety of applications, it is most commonly used, most notably in the mining industry. Because as following:


1. In hydrometallurgy, it can be used as prepreg or aid in the cyanide leaching process to improve the cyanide leaching rate of gold and silver and reduce the consumption of reagents and the content of soluble metal ions in the pulp.


2.Lead nitrate is an effective activator in the flotation of scheelite and wolframite, improving the recovery rate. Pb2+ activator adsorbs on the wolframite surface by electrostatic action and chemical bond action, effectively inhibits the dissolution of iron and manganese ions on the ore surface, increases the surface activity point, enhances the collector's adsorption of wolframite fine mud, and improves the wolframite fine mud flotation recovery.



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